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Yearly Archives: 2013

Tip of the Month: November 2013

Leaders, you set the example and the bar for high performance. Reward those who execute at a high level publically and provide your feedback to those who aren’t meeting performance expectations.

I know we have developed the best new product and sales strategies within our industry, yet we aren’t capable of executing well against our competitors. What’s missing?

Culture is the ultimate competitive advantage—surpassing the most elegantly crafted strategy or lofty financial superiority. Understanding culture and how to adjust it can make the difference that determines success and failure. The question you really should be asking is: how … Continue reading

Thank You For Your Support!

  Thank you for your support as we try to help increase the level of leadership self-awareness. Getting educated about breast cancer prevention and healing is a must and thanks to your support and others like you the American Cancer Society … Continue reading

Got Pink…?

Being masterful as a leader requires good physical and mental health. While most are aware of what breast cancer is, many forget to take the next steps. As leaders you must increase your level of self-awareness and get educated about … Continue reading

How do I guard against the temptation to sidetrack on easier, short-term rewards instead of pursing the difficult, long-term vision?

Short-term rewards can lead to long-term disasters, especially if their pursuit sidelines a well-crafted Vision and Plan.  Too frequently we see executives taking the easy way out, shoring up quarterly performance at the expense of integrity.     A phrase worth … Continue reading

Tip of the Month: September 2013

It’s not the flavor of the month! Consistently and continuously communicate your vision to your people. If you keep talking about your vision, then you will not lose sight of the target.

Tip of the Month: August 2013

Empower your team. Improve their performance through experience, experimentation and low risk; people develop most effectively and most efficiently on the job.