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Yearly Archives: 2014

We Are Hiring: Senior Consultant in Organizational Development

Continued expansion in our firm has created an opening for an experienced Senior Consultant in the area of organizational development. The qualified candidate will possess a PhD or PsyD in the areas of IO or Clinical Psychology with 8-10 years … Continue reading

Xecutive Metrix and Pink Ribbon Girls

Xecutive Metrix, LLC in its third year of supporting the fight to end breast cancer, has donated its annual fund to our local community organization Pink Ribbon Girls. This growing organization was founded in Cincinnati and now serves members across … Continue reading

Children of Heroes Scholarship 2014

Xecutive Metrix partners with leaders in diverse industries and organizations and because of this we are able to continue our support of some of our youngest leaders…children. The Children of Heroes Scholarship began so that we could honor our US … Continue reading

Tip of the Month: April 2014

Worried about your company’s market relevance and continued strategic growth? Take control of your culture…Develop Your People

Our sales show that we have been consistently right on target with our market. How I can keep our company relevant to the market for continued growth?

What few leaders seem to appreciate is that businesses, like products, have a life cycle.  The business itself is something that was designed and built to fit the needs of a particular market. While the life cycle of a business … Continue reading

Tip of the Month: March 2014

The chains that we impose on ourselves will shackle any venture from being successful…It’s Time To Break The Chains

Elephants Unchained

What makes a leader? And more to the point, what does elephant training have to do with “redefining leadership performance”?                                         … Continue reading