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Leadership Insights

Tip of the Month: April 2014

Worried about your company’s market relevance and continued strategic growth? Take control of your culture…Develop Your People

Tip of the Month: March 2014

The chains that we impose on ourselves will shackle any venture from being successful…It’s Time To Break The Chains

Tip of the Month: November 2013

Leaders, you set the example and the bar for high performance. Reward those who execute at a high level publically and provide your feedback to those who aren’t meeting performance expectations.

Tip of the Month: September 2013

It’s not the flavor of the month! Consistently and continuously communicate your vision to your people. If you keep talking about your vision, then you will not lose sight of the target.

Tip of the Month: August 2013

Empower your team. Improve their performance through experience, experimentation and low risk; people develop most effectively and most efficiently on the job.   

Tip of the Month: July 2013

Effective teams need Cohesiveness; the coming together of individuals to create a team that is superior to any of its constituents. The driver is the desire of the individual to achieve a goal that they can’t singly achieve. The sustainer … Continue reading

Tip of the Month: June 2013

The first critical resource for designing and executing a Strategy are people. While the attendees should be drawn from the leadership level, you should include individuals who have an existing central role, represent a core function (like HR), have broad industry experience, … Continue reading