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High-Stake Games May 16

One of the underpinnings of great human endeavors has always been self-interest. An inherent characteristic, it is a
powerful, motivating force that – properly channeled within a business enterprise – drives individuals to explore, strive and achieve. When ungoverned, self-interest results in the pursuit of personal agendas in lieu of company objectives, and forthright, honest communication is replaced with deceptive, unscrupulous pandering. This is the currency of politics.

Politics are viral, non-value added activities that steal and redirect the energy of the enterprise to their own purposes. When the CEO wonders why it takes so long to get a job done, it’s probably because there are politics swarming within the organization. Personal agendas override business objectives and undermine the organization. Like termites, office politics usually go unnoticed until severe structural damage is done.

High-Stake Games


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