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Real: People, Challenges, and Solutions

Are you a professional with a thirst to have it all—career, family, hobbies, and friends? We are looking for you!  XM is offering an innovative and virtual approach to developing and empowering professionals for a head start in taking their … Continue reading

Homework is not just for children!

Given current events, today we are working in an environment that is not designed for optimizing our productivity and minimizing distractions. Although necessary, this is not a normal way of living. Performing “productive” work at home is not impossible. Click … Continue reading

Navigating Ambiguity

The effects of isolation are setting in. Feeling a loss of control? Join this talk to understand how to navigate these uncertain times. Many of us feel overwhelmed with similar anxieties and worries. Challenge your assumptions about your state of … Continue reading

At least, we can still laugh.

Here we are knee deep in week three of doing the best we can to settle into our new routine, with children. We are accepting the defeat, somewhat gracefully. You can do this too by resetting your perspective, giving your … Continue reading

Lessons From Cats…How to Deal With Crisis

In John-Luke McCord‘s long hours of research on social distancing, he has found one thing to be unequivocally true: Cats hold the answers we seek. By cats, we don’t mean Cohesive, Aggressive, and Targeted teams…we literally mean felines. This article covers … Continue reading

Someone, Lead Us Out of This Crisis!

Employees of all organizations are looking to their leaders to provide direction, clarity, and assurance. They want answers. They are looking to you, as a leader, to calm their anxieties concerning their livelihoods. As a Leader, what should you do … Continue reading

The Secret is Out!

We can’t contain our excitement any longer. Xecutive Metrix has been enjoying so much client success that we are expanding with a second office in Charlotte, North Carolina. Opening the Southeastern Division will enable Xecutive Metrix to bring more capabilities … Continue reading