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Is Your Organization Changing As Fast As Your Business Is Changing?

Market conditions are a constant threat, regardless of your industry. How do you make sure that you don’t become the next Netscape or Kodak?

Strategy Work: What’s It Really About?

Getting to the future is a combination of a sense of purpose, a broadly shared dream, and a truly seductive view of tomorrow’s opportunity. How do you develop Mission, Vision, Alignment and Resourcefulness to ensure a successful future?

Executive Development and Succession Planning

Where will your next leaders come from? How will you keep them? What type of person should you invest in?  Who are your successors of the future?

Executive Coaching: An Investment In Creating Masterful Leadership

Can people change? Yes, when people develop from the inside out. This is the most substantive change and the surest way to prepare and motivate someone to accept the new change opportunities made available.

Hiring by Design, Not by Chemistry

The acquisition of intellectual capital is fast becoming the primary competitive advantage. Why handicap your organization’s competition for human resources by not exploiting the most advanced technology available for selecting the strongest candidates?

Family-Owned Businesses: Is There a More Difficult Type of Business To Run?

92% of US business are family owned, yet the average life span of a FOB is less than 25 years. Fewer than 33% of FOBs make it to the second generation, 15% to the third generation, and 3% to the fourth generation.

Firm Talk: The Art of Partnership in A Professional Service Firm

What do you do when, one day, you’re a half-dozen partners, and then, seemingly overnight, you’ve become a group of 100 or 1,000 partners and counting, in a hard-charging, entrepreneurially-driven professional service firm?